Make this year special.

Experience Ramadan like never before! Turn your phone into a complete experience to celebrate the Holy month with Ramadan Phone – rich in graphics, tools and resources all related to Ramadan.


From daily changing prayer themed wallpapers and lock screen images, to custom Holy month phone icons along with calendars, prayer schedules, audio recitations, the complete Holy Quran and so much more - you will receive an experience that is both dynamic and life changing.


Honor the beautiful blessings of Allah through this mobile platform in a manner that allows a full devotion each day.


Ramadan Kareem.



Features Overview:

   Audio recitation of Ramadan prayers


   Extensive selection of Ramadan songs as



   Compass to Mecca always available at your



   Full screen view of the Islamic Hiijri Calendar


   Full Holy Quran (Al Qur’an) with translations,

   phonetics, and audio recitations


   Daily changing beautiful Ramadan wallpapers

   (background images)


   Complete Ramadan theme experience of your

   entire phone


   Prayer schedule and reminders for iftar, prayer

   times, fasting times and so much  more based

   on your exact location, anywhere in the world


   Not an app, this is a full “always on” experience


   Send Ramadan greetings directly to your friends

   and family


   Important health tips to refer to during Ramadan


   Holy messages and prayer messaging throughout

   the day with easy access

What's new?

The Ramadan Phone  is based on patent based technology and is the only one in the World that allows the user to create deep immersive experiences on a mobile Android device coupled with the ability to receive daily updated information, images and videos.


It is the first time in mobile history that Muslims across the world can experience Ramadan on their mobile devices in such a rich way.


About the Developer

Foneclay is the most significant step forward in the mobile evolution since the introduction of the smartphone, enabling Users, Artists, Brands and Content-creators to turn inspiration into digital creation. Its suite of cloud-based services allow for users to easily design, style, test and distribute Wallfeed (Dynamic Live Wallpapers), Fones (User Interfaces) and Apps (Mobile Applications) for mobile devices and tablets using a visual interface.


Foneclay founded in 2009, is a San Diego, USA-based Company with operations in Italy, India and Japan.

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